Born in South Manchester long ago and raised by wolves, okay raised by a Jack Russell called Selwyn. Actually, we didn’t even have a dog, I’m just trying to ease myself out of the wolf thing.

Education and flashing

I did a degree in Law & European business. Imagine that. Then I placed contractors in jobs for an IT recruitment firm however, because I refused to wear white linen trousers my career path changed, and I began pissing about with computers.

In the late nineties I set up my first business doing web design, it was all Macromedia back then, Flash and Tables. It was “New Media”, I spent six weeks animating an orange man walking down a hallway which took 57 minutes to load over a 56K modem, Jakob Nielsen didn't like it.

Cornwall, urine and not-shit

I moved to Cornwall in the mid 2000’s and not long after did the non-pissy wetsuit thing. For those of you thinking “what is the prick on about now?”, I put my old wetsuit on eBay and did a description and answered questions and it went viral, so I turned it into a charity thing. It was fun, I raised £10K for Red Cross and nearly made it on telly.

On the back of that came the previous version of this website. It received lots of traffic, I remember seeing 7 figure visitor numbers at one point.

Hooker horse by Mr Bingo
Mr Bingo drew me this hooker horse for my previous website.

Since then I’ve worked with lots of start-ups and new businesses as well as helping out larger agencies with design and development. I even started some side projects which I will finish one day.

No ponce, graft and beyond

And here we are. My current skillset is identity design, branding, UI/UX design and I’ve got into the more technical side lately. I’m also good at loading dishwashers.

I’m not cheap but then I’ve been around a while, offer a wide skillset and like to think I compete with larger poncey agencies who charge twice what I do.

I work too hard, I’m generally in my studio between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, unless I’m bobbing about in the sea not urinating in a wetsuit.

It’s always nice hearing from people, feel free to send me a message.